2022 NECO Questions and Answers

2022 NECO Questions and Answers
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2022 NECO Mathematics Answers to Questions

NECO 2024 Questions and Answers

The National Examinations Council is Responsible for the Setting and marking of NECO Examination and has informed members of the general public that the National Examinations Council has neither authorized nor permitted any person/agent or institution to register candidates on behalf of the Council, on a parallel or different website other than mynecoexams.com. Due to this fact, We are here to tell you that the National Examinations Council is not in any way in support of any Examination Malpractice or expo. Anybody assuring you of any NECO 2022 Mathematics runz, 2022 maths Expo is there to scam you, beware of such people. The only Questions are mathematics past questions and 2022 maths Sample Questions and answers.


NECO 2022 Mathematics Answers to Questions

Below is NECO 2022 Sample Mathematics Questions that may be repeated

1. Correct 241.34 (3 x 10-3)2 to 4 significant figures
A. 0.0014
B. 0.001448
C. 0.0022
D. 0.002172

2. At what rate would a sum of #100.00 deposited for 5 years raise an interest of #7.50?
A. 11/2%
B. 21/2%
C. 15%
D. 25%

3. Three children shared a basket of mangoes in such a way that the first child took ¼ of the mangoes and the second ¾ of the remainder. What fraction of the mangoes did the third child take?
A. 3/16
B. 7/16
C. 9/16
D. 13/16

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