How To Answer JAMB CBT Exam Questions

How To Answer JAMB CBT Exam Questions


1. Read the instructions very carefully

To answer any question correctly, you need to first understand the questions. Once you are seated in the front of your computer system, you may be required to type in your JAMB Registration  Number. Once you have done this, the instructions will be shown to you. Ensure your read through the instruction and have a clear understanding of what is required of you before you proceed to start your exam. Every instruction given to you by the invigilator as well as the instructions on your computer screen should be followed strictly.


After you have entered your registration number the details which you provided during your JAMB registration will be auto-generated and shown on the screen. These details may include your name, passport, subjects you will be writing. Ensure all of these details are correct and match your own details before proceeding to answer the questions to avoid losing your result to someone else. If there is anything that is not in order, please do call the attention of the invigilator.


Plan how much time you will spend on each of the subjects:


In JAMB CBT examination, speed and accuracy is very important. You have 2 hours to answer 180 questions. You do not need to spend too much time on a question. It will do you good to even share the time among the questions so you determine the maximum time you are to spend on a question to avoid spending unnecessary time on a question. Let me help you with that.


JAMB Questions = 180

Time = 2hrs

English = 60 Questions, Time = 40 mins

2nd Subject= 40 Questions, Time = 27 mins

3rd Subject= 40 Questions, Time = 27 mins

4th Subject= 40 Questions, Time = 26 mins


That means you should spend an average of 40 seconds on one question. If possible, answer the questions as they come (you will only be able to see one question on the screen at a time) because you may not have all the time to go back to any question you may have jumped. However, if after answering all the questions and there is still time, you can now go back to those questions you think you may not have answered correctly to see if there are changes to be made. Remember that once your time is up, the computer will shut down by itself and submit your answers automatically. A computer is not like a human you will tell, “Please sir, just two more minutes.”

2. Ensure you understand the question before you pick your option

Don’t simply jump into picking your answers during the Jamb exam. Take the first couple of seconds to understand the question before choosing an option as your answer. JAMB can be quite tricky in their questions. Look out for tricky questions with similar answers especially in use of English, many questions you approach will look quite simple and the answer may seem so obvious but in most cases, that is not actually the case. Now one rule I am going to give you concerning JAMB CBT exam is this: If the questions sound too simple and the answer seems so easy and obvious, take a second look at the question. I repeat JAMB is very tricky. So, understand the question before you pick your answer.

3. Start with the subject you know best or more comfortable with

It is always advisable to start Use of English paper and then proceed to another subject you know best. However, it is not a must. You can start with any subject you are more comfortable with. The reason you need to start with the subject you are more comfortable with or you consider difficult is that it will help you build the needed confidence to attempt other subjects you may not be more comfortable with and equally help you save time for the difficult ones.


 4.Beindful of some Questions that Requires more brain work


Obviously some questions or subjects may require more brainwork than others especially the ones that involve calculations or logical reasoning. Even at that, do not spend unnecessary time trying to answer a question. After answering all the questions and there is still time, you can always come back to attempt any question you may have jumped. So if the questions seem to be taken more time than expected, look at the options and check if you have gotten enough information from your calculations and reasoning as the case may be to infer an answer. If you have, please choose the most logical answer and proceed.


Attempt All questions – Answer All Questions


Whatever you do, try and answer all questions. This will increase your chances of scoring high in examination. Forget about negative marking. Practically there is nothing like that in JAMB CBT Exam. So, make sure you provide an answer to a question, whether you are sure of the answer or not. If you are not sure, guess logically or go with your instinct or intuition.


Guess logically Using Elimination Method


Since the questions are multiple-choice questions, even if you do not know the answers to the questions, you can apply the elimination method. After going through the available options, if you prepared like you should for the exam, you will likely discover one or two options that will never be the correct answer to the question. Eliminate them and work with the remaining options.


This is similar to the 50:50 lifeline in the “Who wants to be a millionaire” television program where the computer takes away two incorrect options and leaves two options – one being the correct answer and the other an incorrect option. This will increase your chances of choosing the correct answer. Remember it is better to choose and possibly be right than to leave blank and not have any chance at all.

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