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The writers mother prefers new ones to old ones because she felt that the owner of the used car wouldn’t have sold it if it was not faulty

The writer was delighted because the writer had just recently gotten his drivers licence and he is anxious about driving the car around the street of Detroit

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The salesman lost his job because he gave the writers mother a sweet deal

The reason for the writers joy being short-lived is because the car was more expensive than the writers mother had on her.

(i) Adjective clause
(ii) It modifies the verb “certain”

A reason to justify the writer’s mother being principled is that she did not believe in borrowing money to pay for anything apart from a house

(i) Personification
(ii) It means the car is near the end of his lifespan or about to spoil

(i) Previous – Former
(ii) Jubilant – Joyful
(iii) Ruin – To Destroy/Fordo
(iv) Perseverance – Determination
(v) Consummated – Completed
(vi) Compromise – Coming to terms.


(i)Children nowadays develop faster owing to the early exposure to television programmes.
(ii)Pronunciation by the newscasters actors or actress are usually standardized, hence young children watching will learn the right pronunciation too.
(iii)It is extremely beneficial to parents who are usually busy or too tired to take their kids out for entertainment.

(i)Watching television programmes takes away the zeal to read.
(ii)Also lack of reading is unhealthy especially to younger children as they will grow up only with the Ability to speak but not to write.
(iii)Television programme remove the Ability to think since the stories, ideas and facts are woven in the way television planners wanted making their thinking ability handicapped.


(Please make sure you edit the ESSAY WRITING, do not just go ahead and copy everything without changing and adding some words and sentences)


1. Write an article suitable for publication in a national daily on effects of incessant strikes by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and suggest ways of putting an end to them.

2. Your state government is planning to stop the payment of registration fees for Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) students in your state. Write a letter to the Governor, giving at least three reasons why the state should continue with this gesture of goodwill.


3. Write a story that illustrates the saying: DO NO BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU.

4. You are a chief speaker in a debate on the topic: A female President is Better than a Male President. write your argument for or against the motion.

When two elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers the most. This is a semblance of what transpired between the federal government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) as students become the grass that are trampled upon each time a strike ensued. The incessant strike of academic staff union of universities has so many effects which includes:
The strike had brought academic activities in most Nigerian public universities to a halt. This disagreement between government and the academic unions often result in deadlock that usually disrupts academic calendar.
Despite the poor research and innovation capability of the present set of universities, incessant strike will continue to jeopardize the little research they are undertaking. Because the kind of research and development activities that can put Nigeria in the league of developed nation cannot take place in a disruptive environment like the one we are currently witnessing in our universities. It is, therefore, clear that the current ASUU strike will have negative effect on our industries and from there our Gross Domestic Products (GDP).
Incessant strike action by ASUU reduces the academic performances of students, even as most prolonged strikes distort the school calendar. As a result, students who are supposed to do a four- year course end up spending six years in the school for a simple programme.
Also, despite the poor research and innovation capability of the present set of universities, experts say incessant strikes will continue to jeopardise the research they are undertaking. Strike, according to experts said also has the tendency of leading undergraduates into some social vices like prostitution, oil bunkering, among others.
More so, it is believe that there is a direct connection between economic development and educational growth. The monetary cost of any lost working day to ASUU strike is huge as it runs into billions of Naira, both in terms of salaries and wages, amongst others.
The incessant strike of ASUU could be solved through the following strategies:
Firstly, recommending a reevaluation of the education sector, because what often leads to strike in tertiary institutions should be addressed. ‘There is no doubt that the infrastructure in most of the schools are as old as the years of the schools, which is unacceptable,’ as stressed by ASUU. This thus needs to catered for.
Secondly, government should always try to honour whatever agreement was reached with the academic unions as most protracted strikes can be averted if necessary steps are taken to build a good relationship between both parties.


Thirdly, is through University autonomy incentivises where individual universities is to pursue innovative methods of raising funds beyond tuitions and government budgets. University autonomy will, especially, deepen research capabilities and building of partnerships within the tertiary education system. This policy will also change university leadership and governance, thereby insulating the institutions from political appointment of vice chancellors that has, over the decades, compromised academic quality and performance.

(No 2)

Our Lady of Apostle Secondary school.
Off Epe Garage,
Ijebu Ode, 
Ogun State.
19th June, 2022.
The Executive Governor, 
Ogun State, 
35 The Boss Estate, 

Dear Sir, 






I heartily congratulates you Mr Governor in your recent victory as the Executive Governor of our beloved state. I hope your tenure brings forth good tidings for our dear state, Amen. I write to you as a concerned student in our beloved state. I am writing on the recent order that will soon be implemented in the state that is the government under your watch is about to stop the payment of the registration for senior school certificate examination for students in this state. I would love to inform you through this medium the implications of such action and why you should continue with this good gesture.
To begin with, considering the level of poverty in the country, it is difficult for parents to shoulder the burden that comes the senior school certificate. If the government should stop paying this fees, it will lead to massive dropout of students in the secondary school because there will be no hope of paying the fees and the dropout will constitute nuisance in the state. 
In addition, as you know as an educational elite that you are sir, denying the final class of senior secondary school is like denying them the purpose of schooling. If you withdraw the support they ought to enjoy by paying for this exam. It might cause the junior students to stay away from school which will cause a complete disaster to the state. It will also lead them to other social vices.
However, I will be glad if you can rescind this decision to stop paying for the senior school certificate examination. It will go a long way in giving a level playing ground between the social class of the society. The rich and the poor need to break the dichotomy that exist between them and giving them a level playing ground to show their intellectual capabilities and move to the next stage of their education will go a long way in breaking the dichotomy. 
In conclusion, your excellency, critically looking at it, if this fees are removed and the burden of payment shift to the parents, those who cannot afford this fees can resort to dubious and fraudulent means to get the money, this will bring about criminals in the education system. I will be glad if my writings can be put into consideration and the government continue to pay the fees attached to the senior secondary school certificate examination. Thanks in anticipation 



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