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All the Examlord candidate Drop your Jamb 2022/2022 Total score with your name here for others to see. And please don’t include your details like, Registration number, or Phone number.

Best Regard to ourAdmin:

Mr Ken a.k.a Examlord


Eng. Promise B. a.k.a Erudite.

WAEC 2022 Questions and Answers


I can’t forget other workers in Examlord who contributed to make our students get all this wonderful Results in their 2022 Jamb Cbt, You are the BEST and am sure 2022 JAMB CBT RESULTS will be equally great and wonderful.





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  1. My total score is 298
    Much thanks to Examlord admin, Mr ken you are really the Examlord.

  2. Total 286.
    I thank you so much mr ken and erudite

    1. emmanuel urerimam

      pls sir i want to write jamb next year nd follow ur desame way can u hear my 2 pass as ur own

      1. Yes!
        Call or Whatsapp 08148844158.

  3. To God be the glory i made it.
    Tatal score is 315.
    Examlord is the best, i will surely tell my junior in school about Examlord.

    1. Hello please how do they do it for you?

  4. After writing Jamb for over two years but just as a friend gave me this link http://www.examlord.com now just take a look at my total score 302.
    I can’t thank you alof mr Ken but just want to tell you that you are the Best among the rest.

  5. Total score 284
    Thanks to EXAMLORD management.

  6. Am so happy…….
    My Total score is 293.
    long live Examlord

  7. My Total is 286.
    tanx to mr ken

  8. Mtly result is 301
    Thanks to Erudite and Nr Ken for the good work.

  9. JAMB score 285 total.
    Am so so happy with EXAMLORD.

  10. 259 is my Total.
    Tanx nr ken

  11. With the help of EXAMLORD is score 290.
    Thanks for care. Mr Ken erudite

  12. Total Jamb score is 286.
    Respect large to Mr ken and co workers

  13. To God be the glory!
    Now i have the total of 312 in my Jamb.
    Examlord is the best

  14. 273 is my total.
    Thanks to Examlord team.

  15. My score is 310 thanks EXAMLORD Ken.

  16. JAMB total score 299.
    Am so excited thanks for the help EXAMLORD Crew.

  17. I still can’t believe my self.
    My Total score is 305.
    Most thanks to MR KEN.

  18. 288 is my own score.
    EXAMLORD is the best.

  19. Am on top of world
    My Total Jamb score is 300.
    Thanks Erudite Examlord.

  20. I got 292 total.
    God bless Examlord team for me.

  21. My Jamb total score is 297
    My Junior sister will work with you this 2022 Jamb.

  22. Thats good, I promised you guys success!
    Examlord can’t carry last.
    Lets keep it rollin……………2022 Jamb will be the best.

    1. Plc can u help me also

  23. My own score is 302.
    Thanks to this team Ealxamlord.

    1. Wow that’s good

  24. Total 291 is what I got.
    Am so happy Mr Ken u are the best

  25. I made 286 in my Jamb.
    Erudite Examlord you guys are good.

    1. Are u permitted to use phone during exam or their is expo their pls I have not write it before put me through

  26. I have total of 284 in my Jamb.
    Tank u Ken

  27. My own Jamb total score is 299 I got it through Examlord the best website.
    Ken and Erudite thanks.

  28. Am here with total of 291.
    Respect to Examlord

  29. Best website so far.
    I score 302.
    Jeep it up Examlord.

  30. Total 289 I get. Erudite Examlord tanks

  31. My Total is 306.
    Yohance Examlord thanks for the help.

  32. I made it this year!
    My Total is 290. Thanks EXAMLORD.

  33. My score for the Jamb is 287.
    thank God for that and tanks to Examlord team

  34. Total for my Jamb exam is 304. Admission is sure.
    Mr Ken you 5much joooor.

  35. Total for my Jamb exam is 304. Admission is sure.
    Mr Ken you 5much joooor.

  36. Total 296. Thanks
    Mr KEN and Erudite Examlord Admin.

  37. Thanks to Examlord team.
    My Jamb total is 292.

  38. Total Jamb for me is 312
    Thank God I found Examlord.

  39. 289 is my total score. EXAMLORD remain the best among all.
    No more writing of Jamb again.

  40. Moses Igwebuike E.

    My Jamb result total is 318, I made it through MR. KEN. Much respect sir.

  41. Am so happy. Friends my total Jamb score is 299. Examlord Tualeeeee!!

  42. Nothing but to say a big thanks to Yohance and Mr Ken.
    My total Jamb score is 316.

  43. Total score of 278 I made
    Thanks EXAMLORD.

  44. I can’t thank you Mr Ken enough!
    My total score is 320.
    Keep the good work and I promised you that my junior ones will pass through you.

  45. I made it. My Total JAMB score is 298.
    Thanks to Examlord….

  46. Admin of Examlord thank you so much for your help. My total score is 306.

  47. Yes. Your work is good Examlord.
    I score 291 in my JAMB.

  48. To God be the glory…my score total is 313.
    thanks examlord

  49. Allah you are good. much love to Mr Ken.
    my total is 298

  50. My total is 309, Thank Examlord

  51. Thanks Mr Ken yoi are really God sent.
    my total score is 295.

  52. My total score is 300.
    I can’t forget your effort so far Examlord…

    Mercy Okoro: Favour a friend just introduce me to the website and I was afraid then but I just said let me give him a trial and now I made it. If you have the money I will advice you to subscribe with him it’s legit and real.

  53. My total score is 309
    I can’t thank you enough Examlord.

    1. hey….can u pls add me up on WhatsApp.+2347088731797

  54. How can I register for jamb. The procedure for registration.

    1. Wow that’s good

  55. when are we going to pay

    1. Feel free to pay if you have the money ready with you.
      Call/SMS/WhatsApp: 08148844158

  56. Hmmmm,i see… why can’t I see the result screenshots???

    1. So you believe in other website that download unknown students results and upload them in their website than seeing a comment direct by students, I personally warned them not to add their phone number just for a reason. If not you for call them and ask them how we work.

  57. How Much Are We Paying For Jamb Runz

    1. Promo price is #3500 which will start from October after the promo our normal price is #5500.

  58. I Send You A Message, But You Dont Reply

  59. Is jamb 2022 runz/expo possible and is it real?

    1. With Examlord, It’s real and possible.
      Subscription will start from 7th October at the promo price of #3500 valid until 4th November 2022.
      Call/SMS/WhatsApp our admin with 08148844158.

  60. How many hours before exam will answers be send (I mean jamb 2022 answers). Hope it won’t be during exam. Cause the waec answer was send about 30mins after the exam.

    1. Answers come direct into your phone as a text message in the night against your exam day.
      CALL/SMS/WhatsApp 08148844158.

  61. How many hours should we expect next year jamb answers. Hope it won’t be doing exam.

    1. Answers come into your phone in the midnight against your exam day.
      Through SMS.
      Call/SMS/WhatsApp 08148844158.

  62. Can someone subscribe for jamb runz without having whatsap phone.

    1. Yes….Answers will come direct into your phone inbox.
      For more information please call/SMS 08148844158.

  63. Mr examlord, you suppose create verification page on this website in which subscriber can verified their subscription/payment by entering their mobile number they gave to you when subscribing. Only answer page is on this site. There suppose to be verification page as well. It is just a suggestion oo…

    1. Our Admin are working on that possibly before the end of this October, there will be a verification page for our candidates to check their numbers and details.

  64. Greatest examlord.
    I can now the verification page though not active yet but atleast you stand by your word. We want more updates. I will subscribe with you soon.

    1. It’s Active already but only our subscribers will get the password to check their details.
      Thanks for choosing Examlord.

  65. Please if I pay would you answer my jamb questions ….so that if I go to the hall I would just submit? Or you will just send me question and answer ?

    1. I will send the Answers into your phone

  66. Thank God i have subscribed for 2022 jamb runz. Exam please all i ask for is just for the answers to be sent atleast one hour to my exam. Thanks.

  67. Examlord please one hour to the exam is ok for me. I just need one hour to go through the question and anwers, and am ok.

  68. How quick will the answer come before exam. Why do u need by registration number.

    1. Answers will come at least 8 hours before your exam time and your REGISTRATION NUMBER will help our workers to Access your own personal questions and solve them, then send to you as a text message into your phone.

  69. His jamb 2022 runz real and possible. If yes.. HOW???
    How do u do it. How will u know my own questions. How will you know my exam day, date and time.

    1. We are real!
      Your success is my concern not your hard earned money!
      With the help of your Registration number I can access your data online with our machine here! Just do your part and leave our own part for us!
      Promo will end on 4th November and our normal price is #5,000 for your 4 Subjects after the promo.

  70. Try to subscribe early so that you will be treated like V.I.P. Early subscribers get special attention. I pray that 2022 jamb will be our last jamb in jesus name. Amen.

  71. Amen baba mi…
    Jamb 2022 will be our last jamb.

  72. Sir, how true is the information that answers will be send as sms. Will the content of the answer contains phone inbox. That is 180 answers.

  73. but how are we going to got the answers, true SMS or whatapps

    1. Through SMS 8 hours before the exam

  74. Can examlord show us how they will extract questions and answers on their page or give us full details on how they do extract. Did examlord use jamb extractor software. It is just a suggestion oo…

    1. If we can make it open for everyone to see how we do our business, it will be common!
      All I will assure you is that you must get your Question and Answers 8 hours before your Exam time.

  75. When will jamb form comes out

    1. Always visit us here to get the update

  76. How can know it not scam

    1. Can’t you see the testimony of 2022 candidates?

  77. Verification page will be open tonight. 9 – 10pm. But Why batch 5 only?? Why not 1 to 5?

  78. From the way examlord reply our messages, i am convinced that he is very serious with his work. I just pray that 2022 jamb will be our last one.

  79. Examlord, if my exam is by 7am, when will you send my questions and answers?

    1. 12am your own personal Questions and Answers will arrive into your phone as text message.

  80. Pls help us ooo in 2022

    1. Subscribe and get your self Registered.

  81. Examlord, please are you sure that if i pay #15k my question will be answered for me on the day of exam? Am very interested in ur DIC package. Please i want you to assure me that you will answer my question.

  82. Examlord,please i want you to assure me that if i pay #15k my question will be answered on the day of exam. And please, will you send me the question and answer on my phone to crosscheck on the day of exam?

    1. It’s a promise, I will never play with your destiny!
      Your results your future and I know.

  83. Pls… money isn’t a problem..just make what we paid for as you said, no disappointment on the day pls🙏..@examlord

  84. Sir, will u send me question and answer to my phone to crosscheck the answer you ticked for me in my computer, if i pay 15k?

  85. Sir I really wish to score like other

    1. Simply Subscribe, Call/sms/WhatsApp 08148844158.

  86. How much is waec

    1. Gift WAEC 9 Subjects with the practicals will cost you just #6000.
      Call/SMS/WhatsApp us @ 08148844158.

  87. Examlord how sure are you about doing what the video playing in ur site is saying?

    1. 100% sure!
      Call/SMS/WhatsApp us @ 08148844158.

  88. Is jamb mock exam runz possible

  89. Examlord, stop keep postponing. When exactly will you start tutorial. Time is not by our side. Jamb exam will commence in the next 23 days.

  90. That means if i pay #10k, my questions would be answered automatically for me before getting into exam hall?

    1. Yes!
      Call/SMS/WhatsApp us @ 08148844158.

  91. Jamb exam slip reprinting starts today. Start checking your email.

  92. Account details pls

    1. If you need our account details
      Call/SMS/WhatsApp us @ 08148844158.

  93. Exam lord do you send questions and answers as sms or you just post it in ur site? Please i want to know?

  94. Pls I want to subscribe for waec and neco how much Sir

    1. It will cost you just #8000 for both of them.
      Call/SMS/WhatsApp: 08148844158

  95. Examlord is simply the best in all exam Runs, I made my results with their help.
    Much respect to Mr Ken.

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  97. ok please can we enter exam hall with our phone

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  101. Ok!
    Contact our customer care @ 08148844158.

  102. Hi pls I want to score 305 in the upcoming jamb is it possible

    1. Yes, subscribe with us!
      Call or WhatsApp 08148844158.

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