2023 JUPEB official time table

Are you a JUPEB Examination candidate? If you are, be informed that the JUPEB examination is set to commence on Monday the 31st of July, 2023 through Friday the 11th of August,2023. The Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) has officially released its approved examination timetable for the 2023/2024 academic session. See below for details on the examination timetable. Good luck!


JUPEB Examination Timetable 2023

Day/Date Morning Session

9:00am – 12pm Afternoon Session

1pm – 4pm


31/07/2023 Briefing Session Igbo


Agricultural Science (Practical)


01/08/2023 Biology (Theory)

Geography Literature in English



02/08/2023 Chemistry (Practical) Chemistry (Practical)


03/08/2023 Chemistry (Theory)

Visual Arts (Theory) Christian Religious Studies

Islamic Religious Studies

Business Studies


04/08/2023 Mathematics JUMAT SERVICE


07/08/2023 French (Theory) Music (Theory) History

Agricultural Science (Theory)


08/08/2023 Biology (Practical) Biology (Practical)

Music (Practical)

French (Oral)


9/08/2023 Physics (Theory)

Visual Arts (Practical) Government


10/08/2023 Physics (Practical) Physics (Practical)


11/08/2023 Economics JUMAT SERVICE

Above is the timetable for the JUPEB examinations 2023, do well to go through the timetable and take note of the date for your papers so that you can be well prepared and encounter no surprises. Good luck once again!


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