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A bill is proposed legislation under consideration by a legislature. A bill does not become law until it is passed by the legislature as well as, in most cases, approved by the executive.

• Legislation is introduced.

•Bill is assigned a committee.

•Bill is placed on correct calendar.

•Bill goes to House or Senate floor to be voted on as passing or letting it die.

•Legislation is sent to the president.

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A bill is a formal statement of a proposed new law that is discussed and then voted on.


A Bill is a first draft and proposed law or statute which has been formally tabled before a legislative assembly for consideration.

A bill becomes legislation or a statute when the appropriate parliamentary or legislative assembly has approved it by holding a vote and in the result, giving it the requisite number of approval votes.

Each time a bill is put to a vote, it is called a “reading”, as in First Reading, etc., until its final reading, such as “third reading”, at which time it is passed and awaits coming into force (as a statute or law) upon a date of the government`s choosing, unless the bill (now a “statute”) specifies a date at which it comes into force.





(i) Free and fair election:

Democracy is Characterised by regular and periodic free and fair election. In a democratic state, the citizens cast their votes and elect those that will represent their interest in various political offices as a means of indirect participation in running the affairs of the state but in a military system, it is devoid of free and fair election but selection by the supreme leader.

(ii) Application of rule of law: 

Democracy recognizes the equality of all citizens or classes of people in the country regardless of their economic, political or social status as it is expressed by the rule of law and due process. 

(iii) Existence of political parties: 

Democracy recognizes the establishment and existence of political parties preferably multiple party system in which individual parties present candidates who compete for power in the general election. 

(iv) Existence and respect of fundamental human right:

In a democratic system of government, fundamental human rights are recognized, protected and respected in all aspects of life which is not respected in the military system. 

(iv) Supremacy of the constitution: 

Democracy recognizes the supremacy of the constitution which determine the operationa and functions of all sectional groups and organizations in the state, showing that nobody is above the law but the constitution.


– Structure of the Legislature at the Centre: 

The conference agreed that there should be a bicameral legislature at the centre. That is, there should be a Senate and a House of Representatives for the country. The Senate should have twelve (12) members from each region respectively and four from Lagos.

– Creation of Office of Prime Minister:

There was agreement among the parties at the conference that the post of Prime Minister should be created. The Governor-General was given the power to appoint as Prime Minister the leader of the party with the largest majority in the House of Representatives.

– Regional Self-government:

The conference acceded to the demands of the regions to be self-governing. Consequently, the Eastern and Western Regions achieved self government in August 1957 and the Northern Region in March, 1959.

– Creation of House of Chiefs for the Eastern Region:

The conference discussed the request for a second chamber for the Eastern Region and agreed that a House of Chiefs comprising 60 members should be established in the region. This was meant to bring the region in line with the other regions, which were already bicameral.

– Status of Lagos:

The conference observed that there were conflicting proposals on the status of Lagos as the federal capital. Both the Northern and Eastern Regions argued that Lagos should have a separate status but delegates from the Western Region contended that Lagos should be part of the region.

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