Sample Answers from 2022 WAEC GCE ENGLISH LANGUAGE




There are several reasons why people move from one place to another. this includes transfer, job change, and going abroad for professional studies. People relocate often in their lives.
If you are not a fan of moving, or if you are particularly attached to your current home, you may balk at the idea of making a local move. However, sometimes relocating within your state is inevitable. You may need a larger home for your growing family, your older home may be posing safety hazards, or you may want to shorten your commute to work.
When considering whether to move to a new location in the same city or state, you need to remember that any move requires planning and work. A local move may seem simple since you aren’t carting your belongings across the country, but a poorly planned and executed local move can cause serious stress and frustration.
There are challenges in relocation as well as gains. I will start from the challenges; the following are challenges you might encounter during relocation.
Firstly, Any move requires the individual or family to significantly alter their current life. You’ve likely established a familiar rhythm in your home and community, and it will take some time to set that up again in a new place. Local moves, in particular, can be hectic because you may not consider the scope of the project. If you’re moving across town, you may not think you need to pack up all your possessions or hire professional movers. However, trying to fill your car with loose items and make multiple trips each day to get everything moved over can quickly turn into a nightmare.
Another challenge you might face is finding a way to fit your old life into your new home. Since you aren’t moving far, it may make more sense to simply relocate everything you own into the new space. However, keep in mind that your current organizational setup was designed specifically for your current home. If your new house is larger or smaller than the original, your belongings may not fit how you like.
Looking at the benefit aspect of relocation, i can attest the following;
Choosing to move to a new home opens up many opportunities for you and your family. You’ll have a home that probably better suits your needs and a chance to start fresh. If you’ve put off cleaning out your attic, garage, or junk room for years, moving is the perfect excuse to finally get rid of the possessions you no longer want or need. Instead of creating a new junk room in your next home, get rid of everything you don’t have a use for. Decluttering will ease the moving process and provide a more simplified new life.
Moving into a new home also gives you a blank slate. Perhaps you’re financially better off than you were when you moved into your current home, so you can afford to upgrade your furniture and décor. On the other hand, maybe you want to move into a smaller space and have fewer possessions, so you can enjoy a simpler minimalist lifestyle.
Another benefit is close proximity to friends who will likely be willing to help you move. Instead of having to find a babysitter in a strange new city as you unpack, ask your friends or neighbors. Even if you hire movers, you may want to have your friends help pack and move since they already know how you like the house arranged. Your friends will likely still be close by and more than willing to offer assistance.


One is likely to have impression that the writer’s society is a very wealthy society.

The luxurious or high-class cars in which the celebrants and their relatives appear in the royal type regalia or sumptuous code if the guests.

The dress codes for the ceremony are sometimes indicated in the invitation card.

The reality of our life as suggested by the writer us that we are still in an under-developed society.

Lots of beggars hanging around the banqueting venue begging for food and alms.

(i) The area is usually filled with deafening noise from the loudspeakers of the music providers
(ii) Inability to have a good conversation

According to the writer, high-class weddings give a wrong evaluation of the true reality of the larger society

(i) Noun clause
(ii) It serves as the object of the sentence


(i) Stark – complete
(ii) Posh – exotic
(iii) Display – show
(iV) Emanating – originating
(v) Tolerate – condone
(vi) Lavish – luxurious


(i) It can be contracted through direct contact with bodily fluid of an infected person
(ii) It can also be contracted through contact with infected wild animals hunted for food

(i) Meat from wild animals should be thoroughly cooked before consumption
(ii) Direct contact with bodily fluids must be avoided when taking care of sick people
(iii) People should wash their hands with soap and water thoroughly and always.
(iv) Communities must not hesitate to bury their dead properly.

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