Waec 2022 AGRICULTURAL Science Questions and Answers


Wednesday 19th August 2022
Agricultural science 2( Essay) – 2:00pm – 4:10pm
Agricultural science 2( Objective) – 4:10pm – 5:00pm


(1ai) Poor transportation:

(i) Construction of quality roads
(ii) Ensuring that farm machineries used in conveying agricultural produce are in proper working conditions

(i) Government should encourage reafforestation
(ii) Prohibition of bush burning

(i) Provision of farm machineries
(ii) Encouragement of agricultural mechanisation training for farmers

(1bi) Animal power:
(i) Proper feeding of the animals
(ii) Do not over labour the farm animals
(iii) Proper treatment of farm animal when necessary

(1bii) Electrical power
(i) Ensure adequate supply of light
(ii) Proper checking of all electrical appliances in the farm
(iii) The operator must be an expert

(i) To increase durability
(ii) To increase efficiency
(iii) Reduce costs of replacement.
(iv) For safety of the user/avoid accidents.
(v) Avoid damage to the tool
(vi) To save energy.

Soil texture refers to the proportion of sand, silt and clay sized particles that make up the mineral fraction of the soil.

Soil structure refers to the grouping of soil particles (sand, silt, clay, organic matter, and fertilizers) into porous compounds.

Soil profile is a vertical cross-section of the soil, made of layers running parallel to the surface. It allows you to examine the structure of soil. A soil profile is divided into layers called horizons

(i) It is used to rapidly increase the number of desirable cultivars
(ii) It is used to change plant form
(iii) I Used to repair damaged plant parts

(i) Mango
(ii) Guava

(i) Mulching
(ii) Application of farmyard manure
(iii) Bush fallowing

(i) Storage in airtight bins helps maintaining insect free grains.
(ii) Before storing grains the go downs (store houses) should be disinfected. Following methods of disinfestations of store rooms are recommended
(iii) Threshing yard should be situated more than a mile away from the granaries so as to reduce the chance of pest reaching to granaries through migration.
(iv) For bag storage of grains, “pucca” cement concrete or brick made store houses are recommended.

Method of propagation:
Sexually (by seeds) and vegetative propagation

Spacing in the field:
The field is spaced at 7.0m × 7.0m

(i)The seedings are now replanted at 60cm × 60cm spacing
(ii)it is planted around April and May

(choose Any Two)
(i) Thrips
(ii) Red mites
(iii) Aphids
(iv) Fruit borers
(v) Caterpillars

(choose Any two)
(i) Gummosis
(ii) Citrus scab
(iii) Tristeza

Surface irrigation: It is the system in which the rived or dem overflow its banks so as to flood the whole area

Surface drainage is the removal of excess water from the surface of the farm land using constructed open ditches ,field drains and lateral ditches

(i) Water use efficiency is high
(ii) It ensure low evaporation losses from the soil
(iii) It is cheap to practice

(i) It is easy to construct
(ii) It prevent stagnant water
(iii) It is cheaper than sub surface

In a tabular form

(i) Bacteria
(ii) Cattle, sheep, goat
(iii) Fever, loss of appetite
(iv) Proper vaccination

(v) Fungi
(vi) Dog, pig
(vii) Cough, fever
(viii) Proper vaccination or isolation of affected animals

(i) It helps to improve hygiene of the chickens
(ii) It also helps to reduce incidence of friction.
(iii) It helps to reduce excess exercises thereby leading to a better production.
(iv) It leads to lost cost.
(v) It does not require the problem of letters.

(i) It leads to higher incidence of foot lesions.
(ii) It leads to high incidence of metabolic disorder.
(iii) Lack of dust bathing opportunities.
(iv) Lack of behavioural opportunities.
(v) It may lead to high risk of diseases.



Balance sheet as at 31st December.

Loan payable to cooperation 250,000 | Closing valuation 600,000
Debit payable to feed Miller’s 100,000 | Cash in bank 250,000
Capital outlay 600,000 | Debit received from egg seller 100,000
=950,000 | =950,000

(i) To know the financial position of the farm business
(ii) To reveal the assets and liabilities of the farm business

(i) Commercial Bank
(ii) Government Agricultural Grant.
(iii) Personal savings
(iv) Agricultural credit scheme
(v) Agricultural cooperative societies

(i) Wood shavings are durable
(ii) Wood shavings do not cake up easily
(iii) It does not harbour bacteria as that of sawdust



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