Waec 2022 Tourism Questions and Answers

WAEC 2022 Tourism Questions and Answers





(i) Cotton weaving
(ii) Carpet weaving
(iii) Silk weaving
(iv) Leather industry

A tourist is anyone traveling and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes.

(i) Domestic tourism
(ii) International tourism.

Amenities refers to elements of comfort and convenience, in reference to a house, vehicle, resort, rental and other tourism related services.

(i) increase and modernization of means of transport
(ii) increase in the number of passengers and goods, as well as the introduction of new forms of transport organization.

Tourism expenditure refers to the total consumption expenditure made by a visitor, or on behalf of a visitor for goods and services during his/her trip and stay at the destination place.

(Pick Two Only)
(i) Air transportation
(i) Land transportation
(ii) Water transportation.

Tourism statistics can be defined as the collection of data about every aspect of tourism, analyzing the data so collected and coming out with an interpretation of what the data is saying with the view of making some predictions based on findings from the analysis.

(i) Resorts
(ii) Accommodation industry,
(iii) Transportation industry,
(iv) Tourism sites
(v) Tourism promoters
(vi) Travel agencies.

(i) Market segmentation
(ii) Mass marketing
(iii) Niche marketing.

(i) They help to entertain visitors to their region
(ii) They help the tourists to interpret the sights that they are visiting.

(pick any two)
(i) Radio is most effective
(ii) It improves brand awareness
(iii) Radio is the anywhere, anything media
(iv)It has tremendous reach.

Initiating and articulating policy ideas for small and medium enterprises growth and development. In other words Promoting and facilitating development programmes

(i) Bread
(ii) Ceramics
(iii) Soaps
(iv) Shoes

(i)Airport hotel
(ii)Casino hotel
(iii)City centre hotel
(iv)Resort hotel


(i)To promote and protect the interest of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators operating within the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

(ii) To ensure that registered members of the Association comply with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Universal Federation of Travel Agents Association (UFTAA) regulations as well as any regulatory body created to supervise our operations by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

(iii) To encourage the promotion of travel and tourism within and outside the country.

(i)Strong sales and interpersonal skills.
(ii) Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
(iii) Ability to negotiate effectively.
(iv) Excellent knowledge of computer reservation computer programs.
(v) Strong problem-solving skills.
(vi) Detail oriented and highly organized.

(i) It generate revenue to the host nation
(ii) It leads to other tourism by visiting other tourist centre
(iii) It gives a good feedback about the nation
(iv) It helps the host nation to attract investment
(v) It also encourages the host nation passion for sporty activities

(Pick any four)
(i) Radio
(ii) Television
(iii) Social media
(iv) Printing media
(v) Internet.
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